MDF 3D art panels
For centuries artists have painted on wood panels
and because of the durability of wood, their works
have withstood the test of time.

Today’s lumber technologies have created advanced
wood composites that provide an economical,
durable, and versatile  surface for creating art. One
of those products, medium density fiberboard
(MDF),  is designed to be painted upon. The
composite surface  is created  to form a unique
structural bond to the coating being applied.

The 3D Art Panels supplied by Art Panels & Frames
uses the highest quality MDF available on the market
today. Advanced acrylic and waterproof glues are
used to fabricate a clear heart radiata pine cradle to
which the 1/8" thick MDF panel is bonded.

The perfectly mitered cradle corners are
mechanically joined with a plastic fastener
eliminating nails and fillers. Each 3D panel is
individually hand crafted and carefully finished and
inspected. Our process provides one of the finest,
most durable and unique painting surfaces available
for today's artists.

Panels are available in standard and custom sizes
and are manufactured in a shallow 1" thick panel
suitable for framing or in a 1-5/8" thickness for a
gallery wrap appearance. Each panel comes
complete with hanging hardware and is sealed on
the underside to provide a clean professional
appearance to your work.
Individually hand crafted works of art
MDF pochade panels
The Artist Value View Finder

Red transparent plastic, 3" X  6" X 1/8" thick with
cord, Send $7.50 cash, check or money order to;

art, panels & frames
3036 Longwood Lane
Dickinson, TX 77539

In stock and shipped 1st class mail.