panel sizes, pricing


SIZE                PRICE

8" x 10"               $11.00
10" x 10"               $13.50
9" x 12"                $14.25
12" x 12"               $16.85
11" x 14"               $18.75
12" x 16"               $21.75
16" x 20"               $32.00
20" x 20"               $38.00
18" x 24"               $40.65
24" x 24"               $51.85
24" x 36"               $73.44
30" x 30"               $76.50
36" x 48"             $120.00

Special size pricing available on
Overall panel height is 1-5/8"
MDF  1/8" POCHADE        

SIZE                     PRICE         

6" X 8"                 $1.00                 

6" x 12"               $1.45                        

8" X 10"               $1.60                  

8" X  16"              $2.55                  

10" x 10"              $2.00                 

9" x 12"                $2.15                  

11" X 14"              $3.10                       

Made in America, premium grade  
medium density fiberboard (MDF)

Environmentally certified, knot free
Radiata pine cradle

Thumb nailed miter joints, no metal
back nails

Acrylic and waterproof glues

Panel back completely sealed

Hanging hardware included:
hangers, coated cable,
screws and bump-ons

Surface and cradle sides have
white gesso.

The MDF used in our 3D Fine Art Panels
is not found at your local big box lumber
or art supply store, place your quality art
on a quality art panel.

                                      MDF Panel Preparation

art panels & frames uses the finest grade of medium density fiberboard
(MDF) available to create our line of outstanding art panels. Using MDF
as a painting substrate requires an understanding of the base material
and how to prepare the board for creating your work.

MDF is created from a combination of wood fibers and resin, under
pressure and heat, forms a strong, smooth and uniform surface ideal for
painting. The surface has been sanded using a 120 grit belt. Because
there are small wood fibers throughout  the panel, some may be very
close to the surface. When a liquid such as water comes in contact with
the surface, some of these particles may swell creating what is known as
fiber pop-up.

art panels & frames recommends  two coats of an acrylic based gesso be
applied to the surface using a brush or wide spatula. The first coat will
cause some minor fiber pop-up. When the first coat of gesso is
completely dry, a light sanding with 120 grit is recommended.* (see note)
Depending on the surface desired, sanding may not be necessary
between additional coats of gesso. You may also want to consider wet
sanding with 320 grit wet/dry paper for a super smooth finish.

The underside (back) and edges of the panel should also be sealed with
an acrylic paint or sealer to insure the stability of the panel by preventing
any possible moisture absorption.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding MDF
panels supplied by art panels & frames, contact us at 281-309-0239 or

Note; Sanding of the MDF panel should not be necessary prior to
applying a coating of gesso. If sanding is required, be aware that MDF
contains a substance called urea formaldehyde, avoid breathing  the
dust from sanding. Urea formaldehyde may cause irritation to the eyes
and lungs. Proper ventilation is require and face masks are needed when
sanding or cutting MDF.