Artist Bio
I must confess that I have wanted to be an artist for some time. I
hope you find my story interesting and perhaps even an
encouragement for you to explore your artistic interests.

I am a second-generation painter, as my father was a self-
taught artist and he loved to paint. I have no idea how many
paintings he completed during his life, but many family and
friends have a piece of my father's work. He only painted in oil
and I recall the smell of turpentine and linseed oil radiating from
the basement where he painted in the old house in Milford, NJ.

Thinking back to those early days of watching my father paint,
today I realize that was when the seeds of creating art were
planted. Now more than 50 years later, those seeds have
begun to germinate.

A couple of years ago, I decided to follow my art interests in
earnest. Under the tutelage of Professor Mark Greenwalt at the
College of the Mainland, I began learning the craft of making

My interests are varied and my medium is a combination of
drawing in graphite and pen and ink to painting in acrylics.
Landscape and cityscapes tend to keep me occupied and my
artistic style is somewhat impressionistic rather than realistic.
Having spent many years working with blueprints and
engineering drawings, visual perspective comes naturally to me
and I think it is evident in my work. Being a curious person, I’m
now experimenting with a variety of presentation formats and
painting styles and I'm currently studying oil painting with the
Galveston artist Rene' Wiley.

Many of my pieces are available in limited edition Giclee prints. I’
m a member of the National Artist Society and a board member
of The Galveston Art League. You can find more of my work
here on my website

In addition to creating art, I'm also a professional picture
framer. I spent several years with the Michael's organization
and Deck the Walls. Today I frame my own art and provide
framing services for a number of artists in the
Houston/Galveston area.  My approach to framing is to present,
preserve and compliment the art not over power it.

In addition to picture framing I also manufacture a line of fine
art 3D MDF panels, giving artists an alternative to traditional
canvas and paper substrates on which to create their art.